Variable vs Adjustable Rate Mortgage

General Vlad Khazov 24 Mar

Variable vs Adjustable Rate Mortgage Did you know there are two types of mortgages whose interest rate can change as per the change in the lending institutions prime rate? That’s right, the two types are the Variable Rate Mortgage and the Adjustable Rate Mortgage. You now might be asking what is the difference between a variable vs adjustable […]

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Making The Grade: Common Myths About Credit Scores.

General Vlad Khazov 30 Apr

Making The Grade: Common Myths About Credit Scores. How is your credit score calculated? It is a complex answer and, as such, common myths persist. Today, we are going to help you get a better understanding of your credit score and how to make the grade by busting the most common credit score myths! MYTH […]

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6 Important Questions to Ask Before a Big Home Renovation

General Vlad Khazov 12 Apr

So you want to make a major home renovation. Congratulations! Now, you’ve got to find the right contractor for the job. While doing a thorough online search or asking family and friends is an important first step, once you find a potential contractor, it’s time to start treating the process like a job interview. Being […]

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